I'm Sorry


I'm Sorry Flowers delivered by Ode à la Rose

Whether you made a mistake and damaged an important relationship or simply said something you didn’t mean, few gifts express apologetic emotions as effectively as flowers. If you are shopping for “I’m sorry” flowers as a means of making things right with a friend, significant other, or family member, Ode à la Rose can help.

When you shop for apology flowers at Ode à la Rose, you can be sure that your gift will send precisely the message that you are trying to convey. We assemble our bouquets and flower arrangements from only the freshest blooms. This fact, combined with our prompt delivery service, ensure that your flowers will arrive at their destination looking pristine and smelling perfectly fragrant.

If it’s forgiveness you’re seeking, it’s important to make sure your gift looks and smells as good as possible. That guarantee is precisely what we offer at Ode à la Rose, and it’s what separates us from other flower delivery services operating in the northeastern United States.

FAQ about I’m Sorry Flowers

What kind of flowers should I send to say “I’m sorry”?

Yellow roses are a popular choice among buyers looking for “I’m sorry” flowers. The yellow rose symbolizes friendship, which makes it an especially effective apology flower for a friend or family member.

If you are apologizing to your wife or girlfriend, then you might choose a flower that more directly expresses your love and appreciation. Red and pink roses—or a large bouquet that mixes both—are both good options for such a scenario.

White roses can also be an effective way to say sorry with flowers. First off, white roses are associated with marriage, which means they are an appropriate gesture if you are trying to fix things with a spouse. Secondly, white roses symbolize fresh starts—maybe a good message to send if you are trying to work past an argument and start a new chapter. If you're really in trouble, you might want to send one of our most impressive bouquets made with 100 white roses.

At Ode à la Rose, we include a range of white flowers in our “apology flowers” section, including white rose bouquets, white orchids, and arrangements of white roses, orchids, and snapdragons.

Information About Our Flower Delivery Service

It wasn't long ago when it took several days to orchestrate and complete a flower delivery. Nowadays, flowers can be ordered and delivered in less than 24 hours. We take great pride in our ability to deliver flowers throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn on the same day they are ordered. We deliver to all sorts of different destinations, from offices to hospitals, nursing homes and beyond. Ally with us and your flowers will show up in perfect condition in hardly any time at all.

Manhattan and Brooklyn Customers Enjoy Same Day Delivery

Give our team less than a day's time and we'll deliver a beautiful flower bouquet to your friend, relative, colleague or significant other in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. We deliver to every street in the city. All we require is for order details to be submitted by 3 PM on the day you intend for the flowers to be delivered. We require that deliveries scheduled for Sunday be requested by 12 PM on Saturday at the latest. Order in either of these windows and we'll have your flowers delivered in shockingly little time.

Details of Our Next Day Delivery Service

It is now possible to deliver flowers to cities throughout the Northeast within a single day of the order's placement. We deliver to surrounding states like Rhode Island, Washington DC, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia and beyond. Each of our flowers meets the highest expectations in terms of aesthetics, aroma and general quality. We tap into the speed of overnight shipping to ensure your flowers arrive within a day of your request. Just be sure to submit your order by 3 PM on the day prior to the delivery date. We deliver on Mondays if the order is submitted by 12 PM on Saturday. Give our flower aficionados the chance to deliver a stunning flower bouquet to your loved one and you'll be more than happy with the outcome.