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We design bouquets the French way, with elegance and according to the seasons. Our passionate artisans create them every day in our Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia ateliers, using the most luscious flowers from eco-friendly farms.

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To fit your hectic schedule and last-minute occasions, we offer next day delivery across the US. We also offer same day delivery in LA, NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Whether your flowers are being delivered to a residence, office, hospital, school or hotel, our team is here to help them arrive safely and on time.


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About us

About Ode

In our native France, flowers aren’t just something you send; they tell a story on your behalf.

From the variety to the number of stems, from the color choice to the composition, bouquets carry meaning, heart, and passion. We launched Ode à la Rose in 2012 to share this part of our culture.

Los Angeles Flower Delivery by Ode à la Rose

Are you looking for the perfect gift to send someone special in the Los Angeles area? At Ode à la Rose, we offer convenient delivery on a wide variety of beautiful bouquets and arrangements for all occasions. We are a unique florist delivering one-of-a-kind bouquets made with only the very best, freshest, and most beautiful blooms delivered right to your recipient’s door in a lovely gift box for a stunning presentation.

Ode à la Rose is the ideal flower shop for anyone who appreciates the timeless beauty of a simple, elegant, artfully designed flower arrangement. Our florists have extensive experience and training in creating classic yet unique bouquets. We focus on ensuring that our customers and the recipients of our flowers are delighted with our work, from our choice of stems to our gorgeous arrangements and reliable delivery service. We find that our customers repeatedly return because of how easy we make it to send flowers for any reason and because of the quality of our stunning bouquets.

Types of Flower Arrangements

Ode à la Rose offers something for everyone, regardless of preference, location, or budget. We have options in every price range and can deliver everything from a small, simple bouquet to a lavish, luxurious arrangement. Our vast selection of flowers makes it easy to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list and any occasion – or “just because.”

If you’re on a budget, we have plenty of less expensive options that are still perfectly gorgeous, arranged with the same meticulous care, and capable of putting a smile on your recipient’s face. Why not go all out with a stunning display of 100 flawless roses designed to render your special someone speechless? We never sacrifice quality regardless of price range or occasion.

Speaking of occasion, we offer ideal flower arrangements for any day of the year. Send someone you know a unique bouquet of birthday flowers or wish them a happy anniversary the French way – with flowers! Help someone celebrate their new baby, say congratulations on a job promotion, or express your sympathy or “get well” wishes with one of our lovely arrangements designed to suit the occasion at hand. Are you getting married and looking for a florist? We can help – we provide unparalleled service with meticulous attention to every luxurious detail.

Are you looking for a specific color? We have you covered. Choose red roses for someone you love, white roses for a wedding or graduation, or pink roses to say “thank you” – or throw convention out the window and go with what you like best.

Sending Flowers for Every Occasion

Did you know that the act of giving flowers as a gift has a rich history? Tales dating back to ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and China reveal flowers as a key part of societal customs. This tradition was carried into the Middle Ages and the Victorian era. In fact, during the Victorian period, it was considered poor etiquette to express one’s feelings verbally. Therefore, people let flowers do the talking for them. They even had specific customs associated with giving flowers to ensure that their intended meaning was clear, such as presenting roses upside down to express anger.

People have long believed that one could most easily convey emotion by giving beautiful blooms, and today, this belief holds truer than ever. In a digital world where we are more “connected” than ever, it still seems we are losing the art of the personal touch. Flowers are the answer. Just like the Victorians, we use flowers to symbolize a range of sentiments, from gratitude to congratulations to sympathy and love.

Flowers also make an ideal gift for someone you don’t know very well. When a gift is appropriate, it can be stressful to try to find the right one if you don’t know much about what the recipient likes. However, flowers are something that everyone can enjoy. They don’t require much care or maintenance on the part of the recipient; they simply look beautiful and make them smile for a week or so, until they are discarded. That makes them suitable for anyone, regardless of their personality, interests, or preferences.

Same Day Flower Delivery in Los Angeles

We are thrilled to be delivering flowers same day in Los Angeles, one of our favorite cities in the US. A trend-setting, exciting, and glamorous city, LA offers a vibrant mix of culture and beauty that we strive to emulate in our local atelier. We are honored to be among the artisan studios here and part of the country’s largest flower market. We love this city and wanted to bring our unique brand of floristry to you – exquisite arrangements with a French twist.

You see, in France, flowers aren’t simply something you buy and give as gifts. Instead, they tell a story. From the type of flower to the number of stems, from the composition of the arrangement to the color of the blooms, bouquets exude meaning, passion, and heart. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right one for your recipient, whether they are a friend, family member, colleague, or lover.

We focus on creating gorgeous bouquets that show our deep appreciation for elegance, beauty, and everyday pleasures. Our flowers come straight from top eco-friendly farms, so you can be sure that they make a long-lasting impression. Our talented artisans possess years of experience in floral design and are passionate about designing inspired bouquets to help you say whatever you want to say.

Go ahead and say it with flowers from Ode à la Rose. We’ll happily deliver your flowers to your recipient in the Los Angeles area, whether they’re at home or work. Whether you want to send flowers to say “I love you,” “Get well soon,” or “Congratulations on your retirement,” we’re here to help. Our attention to detail, unique wrappings, and prompt delivery is guaranteed to make their day.