New Baby


New Baby Flowers in Chicago

Has a friend or family member in your life recently had the joy of welcoming a new addition to their family? When everyone is excited about a new baby, you want to celebrate and congratulate the new parents with a thoughtful gesture while still giving them the privacy and time they need to bond as a new family. If you're looking for the perfect gift for new parents, a beautiful bouquet of new baby flowers is a wonderful way to show them you're sending your love.

Specializing in top-quality, handcrafted flower bouquets arranged in the French style with a chic, modern aesthetic, Ode à la ROSE is Chicago's best flower delivery service and source for arrangements of any kind to commemorate any occasion. For the special arrival of a new baby, we offer several signature bouquets that will touch your loved ones' hearts and symbolize the excitement to come.

Selecting the Perfect New Baby Flowers

When you're searching for a celebratory flower arrangement to honor the birth of the new baby in your life, you might not know exactly where to start or how to select the blooms that will work best. What color should you choose? What type of flower is appropriate? Is there a traditional option you should be aware of? The truth is, there's no wrong choice when you pick out a bouquet to express your love for a new baby and his or her family.

If you want your flowers to celebrate the gender of the newborn, you can choose your colors and arrangements accordingly. For a baby girl, you might express your love by offering a beautiful bouquet of pink and white or red roses — or perhaps an assorted rose bouquet of rainbow colors to express joy. For a baby boy, you might choose a simpler, subtler color scheme of mostly blue and white blooms.

If you're opting for gender-neutral or untraditional color choices in your blooms, try a golden or yellow bouquet. For twins, send two bouquets, each with its own unique colors.

The new parents in your life are sure to adore whatever you choose, and any beautiful blooms will express excitement and optimism for the new journey ahead.

Choose Ode à la ROSE

Inspired by the stylish, artistic French tradition of arranging fresh flowers in sophisticated bouquets for heartfelt gift-giving, Ode à la ROSE is an expert in bringing together beauty and chic sophistication in simple, modern bouquets that combine professional presentation and a loving personal touch.

We source our Ecuadorian roses and other authentic flowers from the best flower farms in the world and utilize a stringent, careful control process to preserve their vibrancy and vitality from their origins to our skilled floral designers' hands to your recipient's door. Every original bouquet is handcrafted in-house, hand-tied with raffia and delivered in hydrating water, with a chic presentation in our signature purple box. If you want your floral surprise to be even more touching, you can add a heartfelt message or photo with your blooms.

Order a new baby bouquet today from Ode à la ROSE to celebrate the gift in your loved ones' lives.