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New Baby Flowers delivered by Ode à la Rose

Has someone you love recently welcomed a new baby girl or baby boy into the world? If so, sending a gorgeous bouquet of new baby flowers is an excellent way to say congratulations and wish good health for the newborn. At Ode à la Rose, we have several different signature bouquets that work wonderfully as new baby gifts. Our flowers will let your friends or family members know that you are thinking of them and will symbolize the happiness and excitement they feel about having a new child to call their own.

FAQ about New Baby Flowers

What flowers should I send to new parents?

If you are shopping for celebration flowers to mark the birth of a new baby, your biggest question is probably about which flowers you should send. Is there a traditional option for new baby flowers that you should try to abide by with your order?

In most cases, the perfect flower gift will different primarily depending on the sex of the baby. If you are looking for baby boy flowers, you might opt for our bouquet of white roses and blue hydrangeas. Since baby blue is the typical color to symbolize the birth of a boy, a bouquet with a pleasant natural blue theme is a good fit. If you are looking for something less traditional, floral arrangement of yellow and gold roses are ideal for brightening up baby rooms and celebrating the sunny optimism of new life.

Buying new baby flowers for baby girls is even easier. Just as blue is the go-to color for newborn baby boys, pink is the hue that is symbolic of a newborn baby girl. At Ode à la Rose, we love pink roses and have a slew of pink-themed bouquets—ranging from pale pink to darker pink to stunning assorted bouquets of white and pink roses.

If the family you are shopping for is expecting twins, you might consider sending one bouquet for each child—perhaps a boy-themed bouquet and a girl-themed bouquet. The recipient will love the balance and duality of color and will get even more out of the delivery experience.

Speedy Flower Delivery in Manhattan and in the Northeast

Our flower delivery business offers same day delivery across Manhattan as well as next day delivery to an array of cities across the Northeast. We delivery anywhere and everywhere: hotels, nursing homes, apartments, houses, schools and beyond.

Same Day Bouquet Delivery

Enter your order by 3 PM and we'll have a bouquet of glorious flowers in the hands of your recipient the same day. This service is available for all addresses in Manhattan on weekdays and even Saturdays. Our flower delivery business is even capable of dropping off flowers with your special someone on Sunday if you get your order in to our system by the morning hours on the prior day.

Next Day Bouquet Delivery

We offer next day delivery to over 1,400 cities throughout the Northeastern portion of the United States. This service is available on weekdays as long as your order is placed in our system by 3 PM on the day prior to your selected delivery date. If you prefer a Monday delivery, get your order in by Noon on Saturday and we'll make it happen! We rely on overnight shipping so your loved one, friend or colleague receives fresh and glorious flowers. Whether you recipient lives in another city within the state of New York or a city in Washington DC, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland or another part of the Northeast, we'll get her a beautiful bouquet of flowers the day after you place your order.