One Hundred Roses


100 Roses delivered by Ode à la Rose

Historically, roses have always been a symbol of love and romance. While different colored roses tend to have slightly different meanings—for instance, yellow roses mean friendship, while white roses can symbolize anything from innocence to sympathy—this link between roses and romance persists today.

Red roses, especially, send a message of love, passion, intoxication, infatuation, and devotion. A bouquet of red long-stemmed roses is always an appropriate Valentine’s Day gift, no matter the number of blossoms.

However, a bouquet of 100 roses tends to have a slightly more specific meaning—one tied to life-long love and connection. In other words, you probably won’t buy a 100 rose bouquet for a first date. As your relationship grows and matures, though, sending a 100 flower bouquet—whether as Valentine’s Day roses or for a milestone anniversary—might just be a perfect gift.

If you want to send a 100 rose bouquet to that special someone in your life, count on Ode à la Rose! Not only do we carry many rose bouquets in 100 blossom variations, but we can also deliver the flowers directly to the person you love! The combination of the flowers, the quantity, and the surprise element will surely convey the message you are trying to send.

FAQ about our 100 rose bouquets

What is the meaning of 100 roses?

There is no exact science to the meaning of different flower quantities. However, giving a gift of 100 roses is undoubtedly a significant gesture—one that most people would say signifies commitment, devotion, and undying love. Some florists would tell you that a bouquet of 100 roses says something along the lines of “We will be together for 100 years or until death do us part—whichever comes first.”

When is it appropriate to give a bouquet of 100 roses?

Given that the most popular interpretation of a 100 rose bouquet is undying love, this gift is most appropriate for enormously romantic occasions. If you are proposing to your girlfriend, for instance, you might use a bouquet of 100 roses to symbolize the strength of your love. (Along with the engagement ring, of course.) Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and vow renewals are the other occasions where 100 rose bouquets tend to be most fitting.

The Where and When of our Flower Delivery Business

We provide same day bouquet deliveries to all Manhattan addresses. We also deliver by the next day to upwards of 1,500 towns and cities in surrounding states. We deliver to residences, hotels, schools, hospitals and other buildings/facilities. Each of our bouquets arrives in perfect condition.

Manhattan and Brooklyn Same Day Delivery

Do you need a last minute flower delivery to Manhattan or Brooklyn? We can make it happen right away, whether it is a weekday or a Saturday. Get your flower order in by 3 PM and we'll have the flowers in the hands of your loved one or friend on the same day. Sunday deliveries have a cut-off time of 12 PM on Saturday.

Next Day Delivery to the Majority of Cities in the Northeast

If you have a family member or acquaintance outside of Manhattan and need flowers delivered on the double, look no further than Ode à la Rose. We execute next day deliveries to nearby states as long as the order is logged in our system by 3 PM on the day prior. If you desire a Monday delivery, get your order in our system by 12 PM on Saturday at the latest. We send flowers overnight to cities in nearby states like New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Washington DC.