Rose bouquets delivered by Ode à la Rose

Ode à la Rose is your source for fresh, high-quality rose bouquets. From a perfect dozen long stem red roses for Valentine’s Day to a 100 roses bouquet to mark your 30th anniversary, we can put together a range of exciting and beautiful rose bouquets for that special someone in your life.

Our rose bouquets come in all different colors, making it easy for you to order flowers for both romantic and non-romantic occasions. Our standard rose bouquets are available in red, white, pink, gold, yellow, and purple. We also create gorgeous assorted color bouquets, as well as tasteful mixes of red and pink or pink and white. Whether you are looking to buy birthday flowers, Valentine’s Day roses, or congratulations flowers, we’ve got you covered.

To order a rose bouquet from Ode à la Rose, simply choose your preferred color and select the size of your bouquet. Once you buy, we will deliver your bouquet—either to your address or directly to the recipient.

FAQ about Rose Bouquets

What does a bouquet of red roses mean?

Rose bouquets tend to mean slightly different things depending on how many flowers are included in the bouquet. However, in most cases, red roses are considered to stand for love and roses. In other words, if you want to say “I love you” with a gift, then a bouquet of long stem red roses will get the message across nicely.

What does a bouquet of pink roses mean?

Pink roses can also mean love, making them a perfectly acceptable option as birthday flowers or Valentine’s Day roses. However, pink roses have other, broader meanings as well—such as elegance, grace, and appreciation. As a result, pink rose bouquets can be used in both romantic settings (weddings, engagements, and anniversaries) and non-romantic settings (as birthday flowers for a parent, friend, or colleague).

How many flowers come in our rose bouquets?

When you order your rose bouquets from Ode à la Rose, you have some choice in how many flowers you choose to send. Our bouquets are available in five different sizes: 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36. Whether you want to send a dozen long stem roses or 36 roses in a mixed color bouquet, we can deliver your bouquet directly to the recipient.

The When and Where of Ode à la Rose Flower Deliveries

If you are concerned with the expanse or speed of our flower delivery service, rest easy. Ode à la Rose provides same day delivery across Manhattan and Brooklyn. We can deliver your flowers the day after they are ordered to nearly 1,500 cities in nearby states. We deliver to hotels, apartments, houses, offices and all sorts of other places. Each of our bouquets is delivered in flawless condition.

Same Day Flower Deliveries

Manhattan and Brooklyn are the busiest places on the planet. If you forgot to order flowers or decide to have flowers sent at the last minute, we can help. Our team delivers flowers throughout the greater Manhattan and Brooklyn areas on the same day the order is placed. For Manhattan and Brooklyn flower deliveries, all you have to do is place your order by 3 PM and our team will drop off the flowers on the same day. Our same day flower service is available on weekdays and Saturdays. If you would like your flowers to be delivered on Sunday, place your order by 12 PM and we'll get the job done.

Next Day Delivery Across the Northeast

Ode à la Rose delivers to cities in surrounding states the day after the order is placed. From Maryland to New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, New Hampshire and beyond, our regional flower delivery team is up to the task of supplying perfect flowers within a single day of the order. We go to great lengths to ensure each flower bouquet is of the highest-quality. Our team makes use of overnight shipping so the flowers retain their vitality, smell and beauty for delivery.

Get your order in by 3 PM on a weekday and we will deliver to the location you specify within a day. We can also deliver on Mondays if you place your order in the morning hours on Saturday. Give us a try and your flower recipient will have a beautiful bouquet in her hands in no time at all!