Thank You


Thank You Flowers delivered by Ode à la Rose

Maybe a friend helped you move into your new house, or perhaps you got an extremely generous gift from your in-laws. Either way, if you are looking for a thoughtful and appropriate thank you gift, a bouquet from Ode à la Rose will send the message nicely. With so many different flower varieties and bouquet designs to choose from, it’s easy to find and buy thank you flowers for virtually any occasion!

At Ode à la Rose, our thank you flowers selection consists of everything from rose bouquets (in yellow, gold, purple, and several other colors) to holiday-themed floral arrangements. In selecting recommended thank you gift options, we have been careful to hit every price range possible.

If you are looking for a thank you flower bouquet that won’t break the bank, order one of our less expensive arrangements and use our cheap flower delivery to get it to the recipient. If you want to make a grander gesture, we have higher-priced bouquets as well such as our 100 roses bouquet.

FAQ about Thank You Flowers

What flowers should I send to say Thank You?

Ultimately, it’s up to you what type of flower bouquet to send as a thank you gift. At Ode à la Rose, we find that customers will choose differently depending on the time of year and the intended recipient, among other factors.

For instance, if you are saying thank you for a show of holiday hospitality, you might send one of our Christmas-themed arrangements. We have red poinsettias, “Pines & Berries” white rose bouquets, and even holiday gift boxes.

If you are expressing thanks to a friend on a less seasonal occasion, you might opt for a bouquet of yellow roses. Yellow roses are perhaps the flower that most symbolizes friendship, and are therefore a fantastic way to express gratitude to a friend or colleague.

Gold roses, with their vibrant coloring, are also a good thank you flower option, as are beautiful purple or white rose arrangements. If you need help picking out the right thank you flowers for your particular scenario, though, feel free to contact us directly.

About Our Flower Delivery Service

We deliver to all Manhattan locations on the day the order is placed. If you would like to send a lovely bouquet of flowers to cities in neighboring states, we'll get it done by the next day. We deliver fresh, beautiful and aromatic flowers in a timely and safe manner. Whether you want your flowers sent to a hotel, a dorm room, a hospital or anywhere else, we can do it.

Same Day Bouquet Delivery

Manhattan and Brooklyn residents are pressed for time. If you forgot to send a gift and need to have a bouquet of flowers delivered right away, we are at your service. Get your order in by 3 PM and we'll perform the delivery on the same day as long as it is a Saturday or weekday. Our order placement cut-off time for a Sunday delivery is Noon on Saturday.

Details About Ode à la Rose's Next Day Delivery Across the Greater Northeast

Ode à la Rose uses overnight shipping to ensure that bouquets are delivered to nearby cities and states within a single day. Place your order by 3 PM and we'll deliver the bouquet the next day. This service is available on weekdays. Monday deliveries require order placement by the morning hours on Saturday at the latest. We deliver fresh flowers to over 1,400 cities in states like Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and beyond.