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Tulips delivered by Ode à la Rose

Nothing says springtime quite like tulips. Beautiful, unique, and fragrant, tulips are understandably among the most popular flowers available on the market when spring rolls around each year. Hailing from Turkey and Persia, tulips have become a beloved floral tradition worldwide.

As with roses, tulips have different meanings depending on their various colors. For instance, yellow tulips send a message of cheerfulness, while white flowers symbolize forgiveness, and purple stands for royalty.

Ode à la Rose carries a variety of tulip colors each spring. If you are looking for gorgeous tulips with cheap or free flower delivery, give us a call at (646) 660-5281 to find out when we usually expect tulips each spring.

FAQ about Tulips

How long do tulips last?

In most cases, the lifespan of a tulip depends largely upon the temperature. Outdoors, tulips growing in cooler temperatures (between 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit) can last for as long as two weeks. In hotter weather, though, the tulip life cycle speeds up, and the flowers only last for a few days. In other words, how long your tulips last will depend in part upon the temperature of your home (or wherever else you might be keeping them).

When are tulips available?

Tulips are perennials that only bloom naturally in the spring. The exact bloom times depend on the species of the tulip bulbs. Some florists can force tulip bulbs to bloom in winter. For the most part, though, the tulip is firmly a springtime blossom.

How to care for tulips?

The best thing to do with tulips is to buy the freshest flowers possible. You want tulips whose buds are still tightly closed, rather than ones with blooms that have opened already. This way, you get more time to enjoy the full tulip lifecycle. At Ode à la Rose, we always provide fresh tulips that haven’t completely opened up yet.

Once you get your tulips, cut about a quarter inch off the bottom of the stems and remove any residual leaves from the stem area. Next, put your tulips in a vase tall enough to support their height and weight. Fill the vase with cold water, as tulips stay crisper and more beautiful in cold water. Finally, keep the flowers away from sunny windows. The sun will overheat your tulips and cause them to wilt.

Flower Delivery Details

Our flower aficionados deliver stunning bouquets to Manhattan and Brooklyn locations the same day they are ordered. We even deliver beautiful flowers to cities across the Northeast. Just give us the address and we'll deliver a fresh bouquet of flowers to your intended recipient. This is the flower delivery service of your dreams!

About Our Same Day Flower Delivery Service

If you would like to surprise someone in Manhattan or Brooklyn with a flower bouquet, lean on us to make it happen. We provide same day delivery to all addresses in Manhattan and Brooklyn between Monday and Saturday. Get your order in by 3 PM and we'll have a fresh bouquet of flowers at your recipient's door on the same day. The only exception is for Sunday deliveries which require order placement by the morning hours of the preceding Saturday.

Take Advantage of Our Next Day Delivery Service

Do you have a loved one, friend or colleague in a surrounding state? If so, you can brighten their day with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. Get your order in by 3 PM for a weekday delivery and we'll have a lovely bouquet in your recipient's hands the next day. If you would like the flowers to be delivered on Monday, make sure your order is placed by Noon on Saturday. Our next day flower delivery service extends to cities throughout New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and other Northeastern States.